Core Breath Guidebook


Core Breath Guidebook

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Discover the surprising connection between your Breathing and your Core.


Many clients tell me their core is weak, but your core is more about muscle coordination than actual strength. If you have suffered from low back or pelvic pain, incontinence, chronic upper back and neck tightness, and even low energy and fatigue, you could benefit from working on your breathing pattern. A recent study shows that up to 91% of athletes have a dysfunctional breathing pattern!
Awareness of your breathing is the first step to a functional core, so if you want to feel better and perform better this E-book is for you.

Choose the Core Breathe E-book on its own for a step by step guide to better breathing and core engagement.

Add the Core Breathing Challenge videos to help keep you on track and make a change in as little as 5 days!